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Shower & Bath Products

All Radox products contain a special blend of at least two active natural ingredients specially chosen to transform bodies and minds. We’ve been blending in this way for over 100 years to create showering experiences that that will leave you refreshed, invigorated and ready to face the day. Radox. We know what works!

  • Shower

    Change your mood with our Feel Good Fragrance shower gel range.
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  • Fresh and Fruity

    Our Fresh and Fruity range contains a selection of deliciously scented fruity shower gels and creams that will leave you feeling full of life and smelling gorgeous.
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  • Bath

    Change your mood with our Feel Good Fragrance Bubble Bath range.
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  • Bath Salts

    Soak away the day's stresses with our traditional bath salts.
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  • Handwash

    Keep your hands clean with our range of naturally antibacterial handwash.
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  • Radox For Men

    Scrub up nicely with our new Radox for Men range, designed for men everywhere.
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