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Settle down for some selfish time with your free book, from the fantastic range of books below. You only get to claim one book, so choose wisely. Then? Just wait until the right month comes round to claim your copy.

  • November

    STRAIGHT TALKING BY JANE GREEN Sorry, every last copy of this month's book has been snapped up. But don't forget you can nab another fab novel next month (if you haven't already claimed one).
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  • December

    UNDER THE DUVET BY MARIAN KEYES Sorry, every last copy of this month’s book has been snapped up. But don’t forget you can nab another fab novel next month (if you haven’t already claimed one).
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  • January

    PLAYING AWAY BY ADELE PARKS Connie has been married for a year to the lovely, loyal and gentle Luke. But when she meets John Harding her life is about to be turned upside down as she embarks on a relationship that’s not quite an affair but is dangerously close to it. Indulge in a little selfish time and find out what Connie learns about love and life.
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  • February

    GOT YOU BACK BY JANE FALLON James has been leading a double life - a wife in one city, a mistress in the other. James’s wife Stephanie cannot believe her husband has been cheating and is planning to kick him where it hurts. James is about to regret his selfishness. Enjoy some perfectly acceptable selfishness of your own and find out what the women have in store for their wayward man.
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  • March

    SHORT HISTORY OF TRACTORS BY MARINA LEWYCKA 84 year-old Ukrainian immigrant Nikolai Mayevskyj announces to his daughters that he’s in love with a woman almost 50 years his junior. The daughter’s come together to thwart the big-breasted Valentina who plans to use their father. Meanwhile Nikolai is oblivious to the scheming Valentina’s selfish intentions. Enjoy some perfectly legitimate selfish time of your own and find out if Valentina gets her way.
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  • April

    ALL STEAMED UP BY KATHY LETTE Kathy examines some of the most pivotal moments in a woman’s life; and makes us laugh, cry and nod our heads knowingly with every page. It’s an amusing take on all those vesuvial moments in a woman’s life – from pregnancy to the chaos of trying to juggle kids and career without dropping anything. Take some selfish time – it’s your right – and enjoy Kathy’s latest work.
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