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It’s the age-old question. Join us as we try to work out which pips the other!

We’ve all had the debate. Bath vs shower. You don’t tend to sit in both camps. You’re either a shower person or a bath person. Each has its perks – showers can save you time, but a bath can be super relaxing. Now, we certainly don’t have the conclusive answer when it comes to this age-old conundrum, but we’re happy to share our thoughts on which – bath or shower – might take our fancy a bit more.


So, which is better shower or bath. Well, while we have some downright lovely shower gels to make your shower as blissful as can be, we’re a little more partial to some of the accessories you can partner your bath with. Our bath bombs, for example. They fizz and

tingle in the most delightful way, reawakening your body. They’re a real fragrance explosion too. Or our bath salts – a unique blend of minerals, herbs and fragrances – which are the perfect way to soak away your worries and help your body and mind unwind. Then there’s our bath soaks, that’ll immerse you in a heavenly atmosphere. You can see where we’re going with this…


But, what uses more water bath or shower, we hear you ask? It’s a good question, and a valid concern. For a long time, everyone was of the mind that showers are more economical. But recent research shows that a dip in the tub uses half as much water as some new power showers.[OK1]  It’s a revelatory finding, now giving us all the more reason to welcome baths into our lives. They’re not just more relaxing, turns out they’re greener too!


So, are baths better than showers… Well, with all the right elements in play a bath can help with muscle recovery, with meditation, and are a wonderful way to genuinely improve your mood. If we had to say, then, yes, we say baths are better. Sorry showers!



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