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Allowing your muscles to recover after a workout is important. You can do it in the comfort of your own home.

We all know that exercise is important. But what’s practically just as important after that exercise, is to give your body some time to unwind, to give those muscles of yours, which have just worked so hard, some much-deserved TLC. This doesn’t have to be complicated. Far from it. It’s as simple as running a bath for yourself and turning to some bath salts for muscle recovery. Their effervescence can help alleviate muscle damage or aches.


It’s one of a number of epsom salt benefits. When the pure sea salts are blended with calming scents, like peppermint or lavender, they can help your mind unwind too. Just pour the bath salts into your bath and let them work their magic. That’s that side of things taken care of. Epsom salt bath benefits incoming.


There’s a few other things you can do to ensure you’re really getting the most out of your post-workout muscle recovery session. Before you hop into your bath – as hard as it’ll be to resist it for any longer – rinse yourself under a cold shower and wash away any excess sweat from your skin, that way you can use your bath as pure relaxation time. You’ll want either some of our Bath Soak, or Muscle Relax Bath Salts involved, or maybe even a cheeky, fizzy little bath bomb.


After your epsom salt muscle recovery session, we’d recommend a bit of light stretching. Nothing rigorous, just a few deep breaths, touching your toes – or your knees, or shins, whatever your flexibility allows you to do – anything to keep your body limber. The aim here is to feel re-energised and recovered, so do what feels natural.


So, for that perfect post-workout muscle recovery session, it’s the three S’s you’ll want to keep in mind: Salts, Soak, and Stretch. Remember that, and you’ll be golden.


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