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Bathing salts can take your bath from good to great. Here’s why.

When was the last time you had a great bath? One of those I-wish-it-could-never-end, this-is-relaxation-on-another-level baths? If you’ve never used bath salts before, then we’d be inclined to say the answer to that question is unfortunately, regrettably, never. For, dear reader, epsom salt use makes all the difference when it comes to the quality of your bath. It’s magical, and completely wonderful, and the effect that bath salts can have on not just your body but your mind too is quite amazing.


First off, we should say that they’re super easy to use: in the form of our bath bombs, it’s just a matter of unpacking one and throwing it into your bath. No muss, no fuss. When it comes to our bath salts, it’s up to you, really – feeling especially drained? Go on and toss in a few handfuls. No matter the amount, we’d suggest to always pour the bath salt into running water, so it dissolves faster. So, that answers how much epsom salt to use.


Now, let’s dive into how to use bathing salt. It’s all about adding that extra element to your bath, to create an environment in which your body finds the ultimate relaxation and recovery. Don’t underestimate how important your sense of smell is in this case. The right fragrance can really set the scene, whether it’s the soothing scent of lavender, or the tropical vibe of sweet mango. Remember: what you’re smelling is just as important as what’s happening under the surface when it comes to epsom salt use.


And boy, are things happening under the surface. The effervescent qualities of bath salts create an invigorating fizzing and tingling, which reawakens your body, and can also alleviate muscle damage and any aches you might have. How long does epsom salt take to work, you ask? Not long. After a few minutes of adding some to your bath, you’ll have your very own private jacuzzi going on. Your most difficult task of the day, hands-down, will actually be removing yourself from the heavenly atmosphere you’ve just created – just a warning.


So whether it’s to help your body and mind unwind, or you want to add a little fun to the kiddies’ bath – the way the colours of our bath bombs spread across the water is a real feast for the eyes – how to use bathing salt is your call. Any way you do, the results will always be totally and completely enjoyable.


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