Full range of Radox Bath Salts

Getting a good night’s sleep makes the world of difference to your day. Find everything you need to unwind and revive yourself with restorative mineral bath salts and a few good habits. 

End-of-day digital detox

After a long day of dealing with traffic, moody emails and unpleasant commuters, it’s sometimes really hard to put the day behind you. A good habit? Keep screens at bay. Screens keep your mind busy long after you’ve plugged your phone in to charge for the night. If it means a better night’s sleep, give an end-of-day digital detox a try.

Not just any bath
Once you’ve detached yourself from digital devices, it’s time for a bath. Not just any bath, but one that will help end your relentless tossing and turning. With Radox’s unique mineral blend, something as small as enjoying a bath can become a transformative act of self-care. Our mineral and herbal blends activate in water to revive tired bodies and minds.

Lavender Bath Salts 
Having a hot bath before bed helps you relax and recharge from the strain of the day. To help your body and mind unwind, add bath salts with calming qualities, like Radox Calm Your Mind Salt Pouch . Packed with lavender, the effervescent bath salts will release a calming scent and help your body surrender to sleep.

Soothing essential oils
Lavender is calming and helps switch off that stressful voice that keeps you up at night. Add a few drops of Lavender essential oils to the tub and relax as the steam from the bath rises and carries with it the calming scent of lavender. Take it a step further and use the 10-minutes of peace and quiet to meditate in a bubble bath.

With the right night-time routine, you can begin to break bad habits, like spending too much time in front of screens, and focus more on what makes you feel good, like spending just a few moments relaxing before bed to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Give our evening guide to getting more sleep a try and you might just find yourself fully switching off and sleeping tight.