Bath tub filled with bubble & Radox Bath Salts

Welcome to the wonderful world of mineral therapy and the mind-changing effects it can have on your self-care routine. We want to walk you through a bit of our history, the transformative power of a bath and how you can reap the rewards of mineral therapy with the help of a mineral salt bathbath bombs, our famous Radox muscle soak and more. Grab a cuppa and take a few minutes to discover how we can make your life better with bubbles – heck, take more than a few minutes, you probably deserve it. 

Mineral therapy: our role in people’s lives

To some, a bubble bath may feel like a luxury, but to us, it’s a necessity. A powerful blend of 4 revitalising minerals and 13 soothing herbs activate as soon as they hit hot water releasing calming aromas and creating a transformative bathing or shower experience. A mineral salt bath or Radox muscle soak is a weekly essential in our books. Sometimes we need to gear down in order to get up and go again. 

How it all began…

Mineral therapy is what we do, in fact, it is what we’ve done – for generations. In 1908 we offered relief to the tired feet of early travellers. In 2021 and beyond, we’re dedicated to helping the nation’s ‘doers’ enjoy a well-deserved break. Radox is rooted in the transformative properties of mineral therapy and the power of just an hour spent in the tub. 

Radox Muscle Soak

After a lo(oooooo)ng day of work, whether that be physical or behind a desk, slipping into a hot bath with Radox Muscle Soak is a right treat. It helps restore aching muscles, like that lower back pain you can feel from your make-shift, work-from-home office chair. If you’re up for it, Radox Muscle Soak is ideal for bubble bath mediation. Either way, it’s the daily dose of mineral therapy you need, and besides, it smells brilliant. Think mood-changing fragrances like sage and sea minerals. It’s bliss in a bubble. 

Bath bombs

Why you should love a bath bomb in three words: easy, fun, fizz. Oh, the fizz. That effervescent release of our mineral and herb formula takes bathtub experiences to a whole new level. Better yet, they make for wonderful gifts that say to your loved ones, take a second to relax and restore yourself. Gift one to a friend and pass the everyday therapy forward.

Mineral salt bath

Bath salts for baths work best in piping hot water. A few moments spent soaking in rising steam is a recipe, scratch that, a remedy for restoration. Our Radox Muscle Relax Bath Salts turn a 15 to 20-minute bath into a powerful mineral therapy moment. Using 100% pure sea salts and minerals such as magnesium, calcium and sodium – both your body and mind will thank you for the few stolen moments of peace. 


Mineral therapy is an act of self-care. It is a few minutes of magic that give back what the demands of daily life take from us: time and energy. Here’s to self-care. Bubbles up.