Whether it's as you wake up or just after your workout, with new fragrance technology you can smell and feel fresher for longer. Not only that, but with body wash designed to suit your mood, personality or lifestyle you can find the right body care for you. Whether you’re more into fitness or just feeling good about yourself, with 12-hour fragrance release body wash, you can really make the most of each day.

Touch-activated fragrance

All throughout the day, you’re moving. Whether that’s running to make the train, somehow balancing on the bus as it takes a dodgy corner or carrying children whilst cooking dinner. Between busy schedules and even busier social lives, nowadays, it feels like there’s no such thing as rest. With so much on your plate the last thing you need is to feel unclean or insecure about body odour. Afterall, you’re human. So, when you can start your day, or even end your gym session, with an innovative body wash fragrance designed to release its scent as you move or with any friction – you can feel fresher for longer without the worry. New fragrance technology means 12 hours of fresh, fabulous smelling you. Phew.


Going, going, gone

There’s always that one friend – the fit, healthy one. The one that’s always moving, exercising on-the-go. You’re probably thinking of them right now and if you can’t think of anyone, it’s most likely you. Either way, if you are that person, the kind that loves and lives for movement – you’ll love and live for Radox Feel Fresh Scent Touch Body Wash. Packed with patchouli and arctic blueberry, you get the best of re-energising fruitful scents combined with the earthy smell of patchouli. Together, they give you that extra boost to feel fresher, motivated and recharged. It’s a shower gel men will love as well as women and better yet, it’s designed with innovative fragrance technology. Whether it’s after gym or during your quick shower and shave morning routine, with 12-hour body wash fragrance, you’ll feel motivated to move as often as you’d like. Don’t you love it when something just feels like the right fit for you?


Smile for a while

When the week feels like one long Monday a positive body care boost can be what turns that week around. If you’re focused on feeling good, smiling more often and your overall general happiness (which is most of us, right?) then you need 12 hours of honeydew and papaya scents. When tropical scents come together with a sweet freshness – you’ve got yourself the ultimate pick-me up. Bursts of fruity fragrance for up to 12 hours is enough to make any Monday feel like a Friday. So, go ahead and put how you feel first with Radox 12H Scent Touch Feel Positive Body Wash. Who said you need the sun to shine? Just take a shower.


Pamper yourself

At the end of long, long day, after getting caught in a downpour or even just because you can ­– there is always time to pamper yourself. Whether that means a long bubble bath or just feeling fresh throughout your day, when you feel radiant, you feel ready for anything. The secret weapon? A blend of peony flower and lychee scent. How lush does that sound? The sweet yet subtle fragrance of Radox Feel Lively Scent Touch Body Wash not only lasts 12 hours, but when you’re at work, on the bus or simply watching series at home, it’s a reminder that you’re a queen. A gorgeous smelling, self-caring queen. Something as small as a moisturising body wash can not only renew your energy and really emphasize your sparkle, but it just makes you feel good about yourself. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

Whether you’re that guy who’s always on the go or someone just looking for a positive lift, with Radox 12H touch scent body wash range, you can find the right fragrance to not only get you through your day, but make you feel good, for longer.