Radox Bath Salts

A bubble bath is a great way to end your day, particularly a stressful one. However, nowadays, a bath can be so much more. Say hello to your new Saturday night plans: bubble bath meditation. Combining the art of soaking away your stresses with the mindful practice of meditation helps you fully recharge both your mind and body. Add bubbles, bath salts, plus a meditation playlist and bath therapy is in session.

If you think about it, bubble bath meditation isn’t just a recent wellness craze, but rather an age-old practice of self-care. Slowly plunging yourself into a body of hot water followed by meditation helps not only cleanse your skin, but your emotional energy too. That anxiety you feel, the stress that’s simmering or the secret nail-biting that’s back – let’s soak it away.


Not your regular bath
To help increase your focus have a quick shower beforehand, that way your bath is solely for meditation. Then, run your bath using hot water. Your body temperature will increase and turn your bath into more of a sauna. Keep a bottle of water close by in case you start to feel the heat.


Make it your own

This is where you can really make a meditation bath your own. A sucker for Acai Berry Detox Bath Salts? A fan of the occasional Rose Bath Bomb? Go on, pamper yourself. It’s about how it makes you feel, so add whatever makes you feel good. One thing that’s key – dimming the lights or lighting a few candles. Overhead, bright lighting can take strain on your eyes creating tension in your brow and temples. However you choose to personalise your bubble bath meditation, there’s something about the act of creating a haven for yourself that will make you feel more at peace.

The perfect playlist

Once your bubble bath is ready, make yourself a playlist. Something calming and instrumental. Try to avoid music with lyrics as they can be distracting, and the purpose of bubble bath meditation is to focus your mind on positive and peaceful thoughts. Classical music or meditation playlists are usually best.


A moment of silence

Once in your bath, enjoy five minutes of silence and stillness. No movement and no disturbances. Relax and listen to the sound of the water, enjoy the tingling sensation of the bath salts. If you’re battling to switch off your thoughts, practice chanting. It helps your mind focus on a sound rather than those pesky thoughts about where you left your house keys. Otherwise, you can think to yourself. Begin to list the things you are grateful for, or positive words you wish to embrace. Again, bathtub meditation is such a personal practice – what works for you, works for you.


After your soaking session

Once you’re out of the bath, bring your body temperature down by lying flat on your back on a towel. Enjoy five minutes of deep breathing while your body cools down.

When you’re feeling frazzled, out-of-sorts or over-worked, take time for yourself and work on your mental wellbeing as well as your physical. Small things, like bathtub meditation are easily done from home and a great way to focus on yourself and feel good.