SI - Radox Muscle Soak Bath Soak 500ml TAB

It might sound like the devil on your shoulder, but you really do deserve to unwind after any type of physical training. In our books, that means running a bath for muscle relaxation. With a pre-soak stretching routine and the right bathing products to help both your mind and body unwind, you can increase post-workout muscle recovery.


Say yes to sweat

Whether it’s your weekly Parkrun or training for an upcoming marathon, whatever level of fitness you’re at doesn’t matter. Exercise is exercise and simply being active is an achievement in itself – so yes you! Everyone has their own thing: yoga, dancing, rowing, rugby – the list goes on. The sport or exercise routine will always be different for each person and so will your cool down period. Unwinding after getting a sweat going is important because it helps with that crucial muscle relaxation.


Did someone say bath?

Some choose ice baths, others a bubble bath, whatever works best for your post-workout muscle relaxation, the answer is always a bath – to us, anyway. Besides, they’re a great way to unwind and even meditate in the bath . The warm embrace of hot water with a soothing bath muscle relaxer – well, what more could you want after an intense exercise session? Hey, it might even be the motivation behind your workout – we’re not judging. Either way, with a little Radox Bath Therapy Muscle Soak Herbal Bath Salts , soaking your muscles really helps you recover. No one likes stepping out of bed feeling stiff – particularly if you use public transport – how hard it is to get a seat nowadays?


Before your bath

Before you jump into a bath, give yourself a rinse under the shower with cold water. By showering beforehand, you can just sit back and relax in the bath because you’ve already cleansed your skin of any excess sweat after your workout. Once rinsed, run yourself a warm bath and generously add Radox Muscle Therapy Bubble Bath Soak, Feel Good Fragrance. It’s a great bath muscle relaxer and the bubbles will help any aching feelings. If bubbles aren’t really your thing, try Radox Men Bath Soak, Muscle Therapy, the black pepper and ginseng will help re-energise your body. Just sit back, say no to your phone and say yes to unwinding. Aren’t baths just the best?


Post bath stretches

Once you’ve had a bath to help with muscle relaxation, hop out and use the opportunity to do a light stretch. Don’t overstretch, but simply take a few deep breaths, touch your toes, do what feels comfortable and help keep your body limber. A bath muscle relaxer will help you detox, unwind and once followed up with a good 10/15-minute stretch – you’ll feel re-energised and recovered.

A post-workout cool down period, rinsing yourself off and hopping into a muscle relaxation bath is a great way to help your muscles recover. With a few salts, soaks, stretches and bubbles, say goodbye to stiffness and hello to feeling good.