Sleep Aromatherapy Range Radox

Exhausted during your day, wide awake at night. There’s nothing worse. A lack of sleep can seriously affect your health, your work life and even your personal life. With the help of our bedtime bath aromatherapy routine, you’ll find it easier to switch off your mind and body so you can finally get some shut eye. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Other than quenching a desperate thirst with ice cold water, the feeling of falling into a deep sleep is right up there as one of the best. Getting a full eight hours is a wonderful thing, but between daily worries and looming deadlines, nowadays it’s a rarity. We say no more. With the right evening routine, a bit of aromatherapy and a few lifestyle changes, you can look forward to a solid night’s sleep. Blissful.


End-of-day digital detox

After a long day of dealing with traffic, moody emails and unpleasant commuters, it’s sometimes really hard to put the day behind you. Even after taking off your coat and relaxing on the couch, you’ll still find yourself replaying the day’s events in your head. A good trick? Stop scrolling. Close your laptop. Switch off the T.V. Keep screens at bay. They keep your mind busy long after you’ve plugged your phone in to charge for the night. If it means a better night’s sleep, give an end-of-day digital detox a go.


Not just any bath
Once you’ve detached yourself from digital devices, and begin to feel ready for bed, it’s time for a bath. Not just any bath, but one that will help end your relentless tossing and turning.

Let’s be honest, not much else could beat the spine-tingling sensation of slowly lowering yourself into a hot bath. It might even be better than the taste of sweet tea – might.

Lavender Bath Salts
Having a hot bath before bed helps you relax, recharge from the strain and stress of the day and more importantly, fall asleep. Particularly if you add bath salts with calming qualities, like Radox Calm Your Mind Salt Pouch . Packed with lavender, the effervescent bath salts will release the calming scent and help your body surrender to sleep.


Soothing essential oils

To take your bath up a notch, add aromatherapy oils. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils that help your mind and body destress. With so many aromatherapy oils to choose from, each with their own benefits, lavender essential oils are most popular as a sleep remedy. Lavender is calming and helps switch off that stressful voice that keeps you up at night. Add a few drops of Radox Sleep Calm Your Mind Bath Oil  and relax as the steam from the bath rises and carries with it the calming scent of lavender essential oils. Take it a step further and use the ten minutes of peace and quiet to meditate in a bubble bath.


A bit of self-care

Once you’re out of the bath, treat yourself to a self-care moment. Cleanse and moisturise your face, apply a leave-in hair mask – whatever it is that makes you feel calm and cared for – do it. A bit of pampering goes a long way and so does making your bedroom an absolute haven.

Create a haven
When we say haven, we don’t mean a wellness centre of sorts – it can be as simple as dotting drops of lavender essential oils on your pillows or getting the lighting just right (you’re never too old for fairy lights, just FYI.) When you’ve got yourself and your space sorted, make yourself a cup of warm milk with vanilla essence. A hot drink can help lull you into a sleepier state of mind.

With the right night-time routine, you can begin to break a few bad habits, like spending too much time in front of screens, and focus more on what makes you feel good, like pamper moments and, of course, an aromatherapy bath. Give our evening guide to getting more sleep a try and you might just find yourself fully switching off and sleeping tight.