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Who we are

The power of fragrance

At Radox, we know that smell is not only one of the most important senses, but one of the most overlooked.

Since the beginning of time, planet Earth has played host to the most incredible natural fragrances. But until now, no one has ever truly realised the effect they can have on your mood.

They have the power to lift you when you’re down, to awaken you when you rise, to make us sleep, love, create, dream. The power to genuinely transform how you feel.

In fact, there’s hardly a mood in society that cannot be moved by fragrance. And there’s barely a person on earth who can’t be affected by the right scent.

Radox Feel Vivacious Mousse 200ml

Inspired by nature

From uplifting grapefruit and stimulating ginseng to calming chamomile and nourishing shea butter, we have been taking inspiration from nature’s incredible fragrances since 1908. We then capture their transformative effects with one goal in mind: to help people get in the mood they want to be in.

Radox Feel Uplifted Showergel

Transform your mood

Life is a rollercoaster of emotions and we know it can be a challenge to constantly feel the way you want to.

So at Radox, we want to help. Each of our fragrance combinations is specially designed to unleash a mood, whether you want to be energised or refreshed, uplifted or soothed.

And that’s why we ask each and every one of you ‘How do you want to feel?’

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Radox first appeared in the UK market in 1908 as a salts foot bath that “RADiated OXygen”. But we’ve come a long way since then.

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As early as the fifties, we became famous for the line ‘Relax in a Radox Bath’. After a hard day of physical activity, there was only one thing for it: a long soak in one of our baths.

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As we hit the sixties, Radox bath liquid hit the shelves with its secret blend of thirteen soothing herbs and minerals.

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In the seventies, we launched our first shower range. With a new burst of freshness and an innovative hook specifically designed to hang in the shower, it was – and still is – a hit.

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From the nineties to the noughties, we continued our mission to relax the world by encouraging people to take some ‘Me Time’ with the introduction of essential oils and aromatherapy.

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We realised that fragrance has a much bigger influence on mood than most people know. So we wondered – what if we could use the power of fragrance to really transform people’s moods?