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It’s always something interesting about Radox

  • All of our shower gel bottles and bath soak bottles are fully recyclable. The tubes and bath salt pouches aren’t yet recyclable, but the Radox team are working on it! For more information about recyclability please check the label on the back of the pack.

  • If you suffer with allergies you can use Radox products, but please check the ingredients list first and seek medical advice if necessary. 

  • Oils: Add 1 or 2 caps to running bath water and enjoy your me-time moment. Rinse the cap after use.

    Bath salts: Pour a generous amount (about 2 or 3 handfuls) of Bath Salts under warm running water. Let the Salts dissolve fully and then step carefully into the water. 

  • Yes! Radox can be enjoyed by everybody. If irritation occurs, please discontinue use. 

  • Our products may contain animal derived ingredients such as milk, honey, tallow etc. In most cases this is because the ingredient performs a function for which there is no suitable alternative available. As part of our Sustainable Agricultural Code, the Radox team are working with suppliers to continuously improve the sourcing of agricultural ingredients.