It’s always something interesting about Radox

  • Radox shower gel has undergone the biggest relaunch in the past 10 years. We have redesigned the packaging of our entire shower gel range to help reduce our plastic footprint. Our bottles now include 50% recycled plastic* (*excluding cap and label) and are 100% refillable with our new refill pouches.

  • We have recently launched new mood-boosting fragrances within our shower gels. We worked closely with our consumers and fragrance house experts to modernise our current fragrances, without straying far from the scents we know the nation loves. In calling out that they are “mood-boosting”, this is our nod to the fact that people choose to shower with Radox to help refresh their bodies and minds.

  • To refill your shower gel, simply twist the cap off the bottle and pour your shower gel into the opening!

  • All of our shower gel bottles are fully recyclable. However, now they also contain 50% recycled plastic (*excluding cap and label). 

    For more information on recyclability, please check out our website page on our packaging and the On Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) on the back of each pack. You can also get in touch with your local council or look on Recycle Now if you are unsure about how to recycle an item locally.

  • You cannot recycle our shower gel and hand wash pouches at home currently as they are made of multi-material plastic. However, many retailers now have soft-plastic recycling drop off points in-store where you can take your refill pouch once used.


    We recommend checking in with your local stores to find your nearest soft plastic recycling point, or you can use the Recycle Now Recycling Locator which can help identify your nearest recycling facility for specific items.


    Radox’s parent company, Unilever, are taking a holistic approach to fix this issue of plastic pouch collection. We are aiming to help achieve widescale kerbside collection of flexible plastic across the UK, which is why we’re a member of the Flexible Plastic Fund – an industry coalition that is looking at how we can make it possible to recycle flexible plastics at home.

  • People with allergies can use this product but should check the ingredient list first and seek medical advice if necessary. There is no cosmetic product on the market today that can guarantee 100% that no one will ever suffer an allergic reaction to a product. If you have a skin condition, we recommend consulting with your dermatologist prior to use.

  • The majority of Radox products do not contain any animal derived ingredients. However, our Feel Moisturised Shower Gels do contain milk.