JPEG - Radox UK Stress Relief, Feel Relaxed and Muscle Therapy Bath Soak 2021

Mineral therapy, which is the use of minerals and herbs to revive your body and mind, comes in many shapes and sizes. Our Muscle Bath Soak is a go-to for exactly that, but where so many of our nation’s hardworking heroes miss out, is with these little beauties: bath bombs. They’re all fizz, slightly foamy and completely wonderful. Not to mention, they’re for everyone. Even you, Steve the steelworker. Especially you. From Relaxing Lavender to Tropical Mango and then some, discover our range of bath bombs the whole family can enjoy. 

Revive yourself with a bath bomb

When that usual get-up-and-go feeling has got up and gone, that’s a sign of fatigue. Fatigue is your body’s way of telling you to take it easy for an hour or two. A bath fizzer is an ideal mid-week treat. It’s small, affordable and fun. We need more of that last one in our lives, don’t you think? 

Discover bath bombs

Our bath bombs are not only handmade, but they are a fragrance explosion. Available in Relaxing Lavender, Soothing Chamomile and more, you’ll find yourself swimming in a steaming-hot pool of naturally-inspired fragrances that will undoubtedly uplift your mood. 

Try bath salts for baths

The effervescent quality of a bath fizzer is what makes them so enjoyable. The tingling sensation reawakens your body whilst putting your mind at ease. If you’re looking for a specific effervescent to help alleviate muscle damage or ache, try our bath salts for baths featured in our guide to muscle relaxation.  

Bath bombs for kids  

Suitable for the whole family, bath fizzers are great for kids, pre-teens and even teens. Fragrances such as Tropical Mango and Dreamy Watermelon go down a treat. The smell alone is enough to get your whole family hooked, but when it comes to bath bombs for kids, the real crème de la crème is the colour. Gorgeous colours spread across the water creating an other-worldly feeling for little ones. 

Give the gift of a bath bomb 

Easy to use, affordable and travel-sized. If you’re looking to leave a small gift in the coat pocket of a family member, a bath fizzer is a delight. Soothing and the perfect way to encourage the people you care about to take it easy and give back to themselves.